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Webinar Recording: Canadian Colleague Connect Webinar: Exosomes & The Homeostatic System: A New Approach to Viruses & Health (please scroll down to access the recording)


Live Event Date: April 15, 2021
Presented by Dr. Robert Abell ND LAc and Dr. Jacs Cooper ND

Exosomes & The Homeostatic System: A New Approach to Viruses & Health

“We need to come to terms with the fact that the virome is the source of life on the planet, it has helped with the adaptation and biodiversification of everything from plant life. It is not our enemy.” - Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Cutting-edge research about exosomes is reshaping how healthcare practitioners think of viruses. This new understanding compels us to pause and consider the adaptive benefits viruses provide. How can we use this fascinating new information for the betterment of our health and that of our patients? A potential answer lies in the utilization of a homeostatic approach to health and healing. The homeostatic system takes into account the interconnected nature of organs and the tendencies of each individual with respect to how they manage and eliminate toxins.

Please join us as Dr. Jacs Cooper, Director of Field Training and Education, and seasoned expert and clinician Dr. Robert Abell, ND, discuss the important role viruses play in delivering adaptive information, and how we can leverage the homeostatic system to optimize the body’s response.